MAYDAY!!!!! This ship is sinking!


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as some of you have read
the pc in my sig has an annoying beep to it.
now let me inform all of you
i have never had power running to this rig up till 3 days ago
and it wont let me use both cards without being in SLI mode :(
but thats not the issue

when i get to the first screen
a bunch of info comes up
and at the bottom it said this:

Floppy disk(s) fail (40)
Warning! Now system is in Safe Mode
Please reset CPU or Mem frequencies in CMOS setup

i have no idea how to do that!!!!!

and ive been pondering OCing my 6700 to 3 GHz any how
so as i see it
i need to adjust something in the CMOS
so why not OC it right now?
and then get Vista installed
btw, that beep hasnt stopped yet :(
any help is appreciated

i have an EVGA 780i mobo btw


You can reset everything by turning off the computer, unplug the power supply, remove the battery from motherboard for 30 seconds, then place the battery back in. Or you can use a Jumper to reset it, using the motherboard manual to locate it and also be very careful. I assume these problems occur from OC to high. Your computers already good at its original settings and I don't think OC it is going to make much of a difference with Games/Applications of today. If it still beeps try removing memory, Video Card, or anything else to narrow down more problems. What I do when I get a beep is remove hardware 1 by 1 until the beep is gone then I have found a problem.

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To fix the Please reset CPU or Mem frequencies in CMOS setup warning, it's as simple as entering the BIOS and checking to make sure the CPU and memory speeds are correct. You could also load the fail-safe defaults. Then save and exit.

As for the floppy drive, if you don't have one, disable it in the BIOS.

The constant beep may be caused by a temperature or fan speed alarm. You'll probably find the settings in the BIOS section called PC Health Status or similar.


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i havent even tried to OC my pc yet

i turned off the floppy drive
that did that perfectly
but the noise is still there!
i have 2 120mm fans and 4 80mm fans running with this system

i even tried to install vista
it wouldnt take my product key because it couldnt be verified
should i hook it up to my LAN? and would that work?
it couldnt format my HDD i dont know why
i just said that it couldnt and that installation would be terminated
and it quit

any ideas?

oh and one other thing
when i took my DVD of Vista out of the drive using the emergency eject pin
when i pushed the tray back in when it was close to being all the way in
it made that annoying noise again
could it be my ASUS DVD burner?

this is the one

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Check the BIOS for those temperature and fan warning settings.

Disconnect the burner if you think that may be your problem.


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The annoying beeping may be because you haven't plugged your CPU fan into the CPU fan header, and just into another case fan header. So the motherboard thinks the CPU fan is not running. Just turn off the fan warnings.
To reset the BIOS, there are two methods, removing the CMOS battery for 30sec as mentioned by Kreature or by simply entering the BIOS and loading the fail-safe defaults as mentioned by AR.


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With all the problems you're having you still want to OC the system? By the way it's always best to install any operating system while running at factory normal setting then let it rip. And yes it has to make contact with Uncle Bill to verify the installation.


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ive been playing a little and i noticed that on my mobo
the LCD numbers show 2 E's
as in error
should i strip the mobo of everything and see if that solves the issue
except for the cpu and heatsink
my cpu fan is in the correct spot
its a 4 pin connector
and there is only one place for it
its not any of my drives either
the beep still occurs with them both unplugged