Maxtor ATA 100 or ATA 130 for performance?


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Which maxtor drive is best for performance?
I have a Maxtor ATA 100GB 8mb Cache ultra ATA/133 7200 rpm (bought
last year) and a Maxto 200GB ultra ATA/100 7200 RPM drives (bought
this year). The 200gb drive is a DiamondMax 21. I don't need the extras drive space. Which drive would be the better to install as a second data drive in a Athon 1333mhertz compute for performance? Does it make that much difference?? The data drive will probably be move to a newer more modern computer very soon.
thank you


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Well, the ATA133 is 33MHZ faster, but the difference is noticeable, but not enough to say dramaticly.

You can put the second hard drive to any PC. IT won't slow down.