Matching CPU with RAM


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I was just wondering what you would need to match RAM with a CPU that has a bus of 800MHz or 1066 (I belive the next one up is 1066)...I heard that you should keep the bus speeds between the CPU and RAM at 1:1...just wondering how you would do going to be getting a core 2 duo with 800MHz FSB and will be running dual channel RAM...what would be a good brand and speed for this processor...thanks


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remember that Intel's FSB is quad pumped. So in essence, 1066 FSB = 266, 800 = 200. So you really only need 200Mhz RAM, but remember that RAM is DDR, Double Data Rate, so the 200Mhz is doubled give you 400Mhz. So you need 400Mhz RAM. But i would get 800Mhz RAM as Intel's like the extra added bandwidth. I would recommend DDR2-800 4-4-4-12 RAM. Anything from G.Skill is good.