Mass Effect 2 Possible DirectX problem


Beta member

Recently bought a hard copy ME2 from the recommendation from a freind, and i have a problem thats driving me nuts. What it is, the mouse and keyboard do nothing the cutscenes play very well, but the mouse and keyboard do nothing, well almost, can aim and fire and the escape button works.... updated to patch v1.02. found out that it could be a DirectX problem, is there anyway to rollback or unistall DX10 to DX9.0c?

my specs are

Win 7x64
4 gb ram
nvidia geforce 8800 gs
AMD athlon x2 5600b 2.91Ghz
247 Gb of free HDD space
windowsUSB optical wheel mouse

Any help would be gratefully appreciated because i was really really looking forward to playing this game!

Many thanks in advance

P.S. Dont have any problems playing other games like STALKER- CoP & Clear Sky, Fallout3 & New Vegas, Football Manager 2011 etc.