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Does anyone know of a simple (I don't need feature-laden stuff) freeware program that can simply batch convert tiffs and/or jpegs to greyscale? I've searched and I get all this stuff such as Magic Converter which is a full-featured, image converting and such program. I like a lot of it's features (including turning bitmaps into ASCII art images) but for some reason I can't get it (even though it is supposed to be able to) to change to greyscale. I've managed to change the color settings and make it completely monochrome, but I still can't get the result I need.
Slam'n Systems said:
Got Adobe 6 or Adobe 7? Yes, It cost a lot but it can do that and many other amazing cool things!

Adobe can mass convert a bunch of images at a time? It's a great program, but it's not the type of thing you can use to select about 100 images, and tell it to covert to grayscale.

Thanks anyway, but I'm not in the position to buy something like that.
Ok. Thanks for responding. I found a program (mac) called Graphics converter. While I don't own any :)( ) Macs, I do have access to them for a lot of the time.
I could easily make one for you

Converting to grey scale is about the easiest thing to do. I could write you a little program that would allow you to select a bunch of files then convert them and resave them again.
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