Marijuana Legalized in Denver


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Has anyone heard about this? If your over 21 your allowed to carry up to 1 ounce with you anywhere within denver city limits, smoke it, sell it, do as you please with it. It was passed in order to drive people away from drinking alchohol -_-

Thats just one city, not too bad, but Arkansas is considering it too!

I guess Denvers going to have increased Tourism rates... heh


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Hmm sounds nice, if i were a parent i would much rather have my son/daughter smoke pot than drink (I dont want them to do either just saying)


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Smoking pot is safer then drinking. Trust me I know for a fact. Weed is not that bad of a drug. They call it a gateway drug. Well so it liqour.


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I know 5 people who were perfectly healthy before they started marijuana. They each died of Lung Damage.

I know 2 people that got killed from drunk driving.

It's not a matter of the greater evil. It's a matter of theyre both bad for you. Accept it. Just because something in your opinion is worse doesnt mean that it isnt bad.


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99nasha said:
Never touching the stuff...
I know people who do, along with harder substances...

I've never smoked and never tried drugs - alcohol is the only "substance" I use. I do use lots of it, by the way.

Alcohol is seen as normal and socially acceptable in the UK, and weed is heading that way. Smoking and hard drugs are greatly frowned upon here.