Malware software is not removing


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I donot know how did I get this malware on my computer. But Now i m trying to remove it from my computer with the help of AD-Aware SE program. It removes this malware sucessfully. But after sometime of removal it again start showing on my my computer. This is the summary of that malware

TAC - Lop

TAC Level: 7

Removal: 1

No uninstaller

Integration: 2

May cause system instability

Distribution: 2

Bundled install that is undisclosed
Installs by use of ActiveX, not allowing for viewing the EULA/Privacy Policy

Behavior: 3

Auto updates without user permission/knowledge
Changes browser results
Operates in stealth

Privacy: 0

please help me that how can i get rid of this malware..


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Have you tried to remove its trace in the registry and checked in your objects in your internet options>settings>view objects. Check the properties of the objects, some sneak in there and classifies as unknown.