Making Money on the Internet


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Lets discuss methods to make some good money on the internet. The more unique and innovative an idea is the better. A product without competition is always better to promote than one with competition. I'll post some ideas myself if theres enough participation in this thread.


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Stealing credit card details would probably make the most money in the quickest time!!!

um,,, other than that I sugest that sponsored advertising is the only real 'money maker' that is available to all on the internet.
you could make websites, but since this requires a certain skill level it's not really available to everyone in the same way as just having an advert on a pre-built site can be...


The best way I've seen so far (and this actually worked for me) is to use Google Adwords in conjuction with different companies' affiliate programs.

For example: eBay has an affiliate program where you get like $10 for every new user you refer. Basically, if somebody follows your affiliate link to eBay and signs up, you get ten bucks. Now combine that with Google Adwords. The Adwords cost a few cents per view, so the trick is to maximize the effective ad views for your affiliate program to reduce the cost of the ads and maximize the referrals to your affiliate company. It really is a great system. I think I made around $500 or $600 in the first month using it.