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so i a noob as you can tell from my name i was wondering if this is good for gaming

Intel Pentium G840 CPU
ASUS P8H61-M LE/CSM Motherboard
Sapphire Radeon HD 6770 Graphics Card
Corsair XMS3 8GB RAM
Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB Hard Drive
Thermaltake V4 Black Edition Case
Cooler Master 120mm Case Fan
Cooler Master Elite 460w Power Supply
Asus 24X DVD Burner
Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit


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Even sandy bridge pentiums suck. Go all out and get the gaming standard i5 2500k. As for boards the best chipset to look for is probably Z68, It's a sort of hybrid of the other two.

GPU is alright, RAM is alright; HDD is okay, might be an idea to go upto 1TB as games are forever increasing in size.

Case is irrelevant, fans irrelevant

Hmm, now then... 460W; that may or may not be enough, since it's CM it's probably enough.

Writer irrelevant

Do you have a budget? We could craft you up something better balanced if we know what your top mark price is.


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For your parts, I recommend You can get all the parts you need for much less there. You could probably find any one particular part slightly cheaper elsewhere, but newegg is your 1-stop shopping place for getting all your components. Sometimes you can make out well on tigerdirect or ebay, but I use newegg 90% of the time.