Make your company logo move around the screen similar to logon.scr

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My Pictures Slideshow screensaver
Make use of the Windows XP's My Pictures Slideshow screensaver for this purpose. Follow the steps:

Using Paint brush (mspaint.exe), create 10 or more images with a Black background in each. Open each image file and embed your company logo in it, in (place it in random areas, one in each image).

Create a folder for the image files you've created, and place the images in that folder. Assign this folder read-only permissions for all the users.

Now, configure the screensaver under your user profile. In the My Pictures Screensaver properties, do the following:

Set the folder where you've stored the image files

Set the interval using How often should the pictures change slider.

Uncheck all the checkboxes at the bottom of the dialog

Click OK and save the changes

Set the Screensaver Timeout to a preferred value in minutes

Test the Screensaver in your profile to see everything is fine

Applying the settings to the logon desktop
Next, you need to apply the Screensaver settings to the Logon Desktop / Welcome Screen (Technically, HKEY_USERS\.Default registry key), so that the Screensaver is invoked when no user is logged on. Copying all the Screensaver settings to the Logon Desktop (or Welcome Screen) manually is a tough task. Use Tweak UI instead.

Download and install TweakUI.

Launch TweakUI and click Logon, click Settings.

Select Screensaver from the list box and choose Copy Now

The Screensaver settings are applied to the Logon Desktop

Restart Windows for the changes to take effect

Allow few minutes at the Logon screen, to test if the Screensaver is working properly. The Screensaver should launch after the timeout. It will look as if the Company Logo moves around.

Additional Tip
The User interface / slider allows the minimum value for picture change interval to 6 seconds only. To reduce the change interval to less than 6 seconds, alter the registry value named ChangeInterval (Set decimal value 1000 for 1 Second, and so forth) in this key:

HKEY_USERS \ .DEFAULT \ Control Panel \ Screen Saver.Slideshow

For Current user profile, make the change here:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Screen Saver.Slideshow
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