Make one PC into two?

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Not sure if this works or not, haven't tried it yet.

I hear with XP you can setup two monitors on the one computer, and be doing two different things on each one? Of couse, this would require a second monitor aswell as another mouse/keyboard I think. Just curious if anyone knew about this, maybe a link which explains it a bit better than me. ;)
As far as I know, no such thing is possible. but you can buy a second video card and a second monitor to have a dual monitor system. In order for this to work you will need a special program. There will only be one mouse and 1 keyboard. You could open two programs on the first monitor and drag one of them to other monitor. You could not play or work in both programs at the same time, but they could run at the same time. If your looking to have two different systems, buy a second computer. If your inturested in the program that allows you to have a dual monitor system just email me and I'll tell you where to get it..
You don't need a program for dual monitor support.. and in many cases, you don't even need a second video card. Most new cards have a DVI connecter, so all you need is a DVI to VGA converter and a second monitor. Once you boot up your computer with the second monitor plugged in, Windows will pick it up and you just have to tell it to "Extend your desktop" onto the second monitor (in the Display Settings control panel)
yes you can be doing two things at once. I dont believe "Full Screen" Gaming would be possible, as the game would trap the mouse, but you could do anything windowed and just move the mouse between screens to run different programs. No extra software needed. Its all built into windows.
Full screen movies are possible with certain programs, but I don't know of any video cards that support 3d on secondary monitors... personally, i love dual monitors (I'm currently using 2) for the increased desktop size, and being able to surf multiple sites at once.

Also, if you're using an Nvidia card, Nvidia's drivers have software called "Nview" which adds many different window management features when using multiple monitors.
u dont have to get a nother monitor to use dual montor capabilites. In my computer, I sometimes hook my TV through the S VID out put and use the TV as a extention my computer desktop. Works really well, and nice for watching movies or playing games.

To play games on the second monitor or TV though, u have to right click on the second monitor icon in ure display settings and set it to be the primary display.
Or... for Windows XP, you can go to the MS website (blasphemy, I know) and get this program thats called Virtual Desktop manager... where you can run different apps in different desktops. Don't know if thats what your asking, but oh well.
But Virtual Desktop doesnt run different apps in each desktop, it just changes the background and the set of icon in each desktop. But the applications you open still stay in evey desktop, except in each desktop, they are in a different position( in one of them its minimized and the other its maximized)
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