Major problem


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Hello all, I am new to the forums. I was searching Google for a place to ask my question, and I stumbled upon this place. It seemed really good because the post counts were pretty high. I hope someone can answer my question.

Anyway, about a year ago I bought a Dell Inspirion 1521, it runs Windows Vista home premium. About every 7-8 hours or so, it drops the Internet and I have to restart and it works perfectly fine again. Lately, it has been dropping it A LOT sooner (about 1-2 hours.) I am running off of the wireless internet card it came installed with, I also am running off of our wireless router.

Before I bought the Laptop, I had a Dell desktop. We bought a wireless card for it, and it only dropped the internet when I had a higher GHz phone in my room and it was interfering with my Desktop. When I removed it, it stopped doing it. Since then, the phone hasn't been in my room, but my dad has the exact phone in his office, where the router is. I've tried taking it out and the internet still drops. I also read on another site that Vista has IP v6 which can interfere with some stuff, but I have disabled that and it still drops it.

I'm not sure if it has something to do with settings somewhere, but I sure hope so. I just don't understand how I go from one that I installed to one that Dell installed and it drops it. If anyone has any answers, please respond. :eek:


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if your worried about settings just reset the router and start from scratch. it could also be a faulty router, as ive never had problems with mine.
1 other thing it could be is the security. i think blackjack had problems with using wep 64bit, so changed it and it worked for some reason


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if you have a linksys i bet its that they are good but are low quality try barrowing a friends and if thirs fixes the prob then grab a new 1