major problem with router please help :(

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a few days ago all of a sudden my internet went off and i couldnt figure out why i also could not go to my router setup page and in the local area connection icon in the trey it said my ip was when its usualy 192.168.... i tried everything like system restore re installing ethernet drivers and it didnt work and each time i tried to change something in the properties of local area connection it would go not responding so i formatted and everything was ok for 2 days and today it happend again so i searched the net and 169.254 is something about automatic ip address but i tried the method of disabeling it and all it did was change the ip to and again when i try to change something it goes not responding. everything that has to do with the local area connection like installing drivers changing properties and trying to unninstal it in different places all of them go non responding i have scanned for viruses(norton internet security 2005) and found non.

has anyone got an idea?

thanks in advance
169.XXX.XXX.XXX are IP's for when winblows will not connect to the internet.

This is not a virus issue, this happens with broken routers or is a fluke of nature.

Try finding your router, and resetting it. You can either find the manual to tell you how, or post the model here :)
tha thing is that it was working for a while after a i formatted and then all of a sudden went off...twice that happend and all other computers on network work fine...
any way the model is

3COM 3CRWE554G72T OfficeConnect 11g Cable\DSL

thanks for replys
Sounds like either a router going south or a NIC going south. As for disabling APIPA it is pointless as you know it will simply give you 0's. When you see a 169. or 0. you know something is majorily wrong. Test your NIC with a loopback test and make sure you get 100% packets recieved. You can achieve that by going to START>RUN>CMD then type ping

Other basic things as mentioned rebooting the modem/router (do you have a router sharing your connections or is it only one connection straight from the modem to your PC?). If none works and you do have a router I would simply try and replace it with a new one. If the problem is still there then simply return it to best buy or where ever you buy it and we know it is a local problem.
i did a ping test and it was 100%.
as for the router its almmost brand new have had it for 3-5 months. i am connected by lan to the routher as is another computer that is working fine and another wireless laptop that also works it seems to be just my computer.

i just upgraded my motherboard proccessor and graphics card and after a few days the problem accured and i formatted and it was ok for 3 days and it has come back.

and everything that is connected to the local area connection gets jammed.

i tried unninstalling the onboard ethenet card (through hardware devices) and it got jammed and also got jammed when trying to reinstall drivers for it so maybe its the motherboard.

ill check to see if i have a spare ethernet card around maybe that will work.

but this sure is a strage problem...wouldnt you say?
Well not really strange for me as this is what I do for a living so I have troubleshoot things like this all day long..haha. Ok your reply just answered a lot of my questions. Sounds like a problem with the on-board NIC. First I would locate a spare NIC or purchase one (things are cheap now!!). Second boot the machine and enter the BIOS and DISABLE the on-board NIC. There is usually a section for on-board devices, save settings onces disabled and reboot. Then install the new NIC and let windows detect it and then see if you can pull a good IP address.

If that dont work maybe next we could try punching in a static IP and see if we can trick it :)
Excuse my bad grammer it really This is why I am a Systems Analyst for a living as long as everything is working fine they dont care how we type.
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