Major Issue. cooling related?

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I have been trying to see how cool I could get my second rig. It's an Athlon x2 5600+, some PNY memory, and a Radeon 3850. Nothing fancy really.

I ran in to a major issue and it has me sort of worried. The house is kept very cold, and normally this isn't a problem. But today the cooler was left on and when I came home I decided to check my temps to see how it was doing with the chilly air.

My temps were 11c and 16c for core1 and core2 respectively.

This is pretty good I thought, but then the problems started...
The computer froze and reset itself twice. The second reset, it posted and then gave me a loud repeated (beep beep beep beep etc)

I just froze and restarted actually while typing this.... It's starting to worry me.

The system was running fine before the temps got this low. Could this have anything to do with temps? Or did something just decide to fail all of a sudden? Please help if you can.

The system just seems to be restarting over and over. I hope it's changing soon.

I have tried reducing the core clock to default (2.8ghz), removing any and all volt mods to any components.
It happened again.... 2nd time while writing this. I hope I can find a way to fix it soon.

EDIT: It may have been related to the video card. I tried removing and then plugging everything back in, and the video card was a little wobbly. It hasn't happened again yet, so here's hoping...
Colder is always Better!!! :D

I would go ahead and run Memtest but hopefully it was just a loose card :D

Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

I ran a few passes, and the memory seems fine. I'll test it over night, but I have work to do for now.

The problem seems to have gone away. I believe it was the loose video card. Would have been nice to get a screenshot of those temps (11~16c on air cooling) though. Now it's running around 30c =( =(
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