Major Comp Issues, HELP PLZ

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This has been really aggroavating me for sometime now. My comp setup is pretty decent but the thing runs like its from the 80's. Let me post specs then ill explain problem.

IC7-Max3 /w i875p
Pentium4 3.0E 800mhz /w ht-tech
Radeon 9800 Pro 256mb
OCZ PC3200 2x512 mb ram
THERMALTAKE Silent Purepower ATX 480W Power Suppl
THERMALTAKE P4 SPARK7+ 70mm 2 Ball Cooling Fan
Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound - OEM
40GB maxtor hd
120 Western Digi 8mb cache


Now the problem is i constantly run at very high Ctemps, 65c to 75c And i cant get it to cool down unless i have the case open and a damn air conditioner unit up against the side blowing into the case. then it goes down to like 30c HAHA. Yea but i dont wanna do that, makes my room hot as hell and collects condensation.

My graphics is the second problem, im running the newest omega drivers, with default settings, and in CS:source i get terrible fps, around 20-30 in battle and it spikes depending on what im doing. And in Warcraft:3 its verrry laggy and in battles seems like i get 1-2 fps very very laggy. Im just baffled over how hot and terrible its running for fairly good specs, i mean these games arnt that demanding.

I have no clue what to do. :'( Any advice would be awesome, if you need to know anymore about my system just ask.

Thanks you much :(
How good is the airflow through your case? Make sure you have some-kind of intake either on the top or the side of the case and an exhaust in the back to get the hot air from the processor going out of the case.

As for the bad fps, that could be the temperature also... but it shouldn't get the bad.
the airflow is kinda poor, its really dusty in there too, i ussually just keep the side of my case open, but im gonna incest in more fans and better cooling, and my fps just got a little better for some reason hmm
condensation? that no good, get more fans and keep the AC away if that puts condensation there.
Not to dis on intel.. But the reason you're having heat problems is because its an extreme chip. From what i've seen the extreme chips run 10c warmer than their standard non-extreme counterparts. What is the ambient temp of the room your comp is in?

Try installing the catalyst 5.2 (i think is the latest? may be 5.3) driver. Make sure your harddrive dma settings, ram latency/speed settings, processor voltage/fsb, etc are all on correct settings. I had a motherboard yeterday that threw the ide drive to dma 33 or something.. The hard drive was getting 20mb/s benchmarks and ran like crap until i manually changed it to its correct setting.

Your cs:s could also be running in software rendering mode. Check your counterstrike settings.. Default is not always good.
That's an E and not EE, so it's not extreme Edition I dont think. Well im not the intel expert

My first thing would be a complete reformat with all the MOBO and graphics drivers, if that doesnt work replace the heatsink, probolly a hot chip with a bad job putting it on
e=prescott core which is the hot potato of p4's but yea ill update you all when i do this, im gonna take the whole thing apart dust it down with some compressed air, re thermalpaste it and readjust fans and maybe buy new ones, then ill update you/ :D
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