Maintaining Wireless Connection


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Hi, I have a D-Link Di-624 Version C and am experiencing problems maintaining a wireless connection. I have 3 laptops with built in wireless, and 2 desktops with wireless pci cards and all of them are experiencing the same problem.

Basically it can connect to the network, but then after a given period of time, usually about a 20 minutes or so, the signal drops and does not reconnect. Then if I hit repair, the connection may come back or may not. After repeated times, if I restart the computer, usually the does the trick.

The signals are all very good or excellent so range should not be an issue. I tried upgrading the firmware however when I downloaded the appropriate file from D-Links website and go to update it, it says Firmware is not compatible with this model.

I also contacted D-Link and they said the product is out of warranty so they cannot assist me. I contacted my internet provider (Verizon FiOS) who initially provided the router, and they told me to buy a new router.

Router works fine on a wired connection. Any suggestions here?


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Did you look on the bottom of the router to confirm the revision series?

I had that same problem with that same router (still use it) and a firmware update fixed it.

Also try doing the firmware upgrade through hardwire. Last thing you want is the signal to drop in middle of everything and eff your router.