Macromedia Studio MX 2004


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Hello i was wondering if anyone knew of any website where i could go and have a crash course in dreamweaver or flash or any of the macromedia programs. If anyone has any ideas that would be great thanks!



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depending on what aspect of flash u wanna learn, actionscript or basic flash movies, go and look up some simple tutorials. There are tons and tons of tutorials on flash. I think there a site from Penner (should be the last name, but i cant remember). Anywas, just do a google search on it and u'll see how much sh1tthere is.
Dont learn dremwevaer. Learn how to hand code html. Its WAY better and u'll actually be respected in the biz, not looked down upon when u can hand code. I use dreamweaver just b/c its the only software we have here, otherwise i could create pages just as quickly in notepad.