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I have just set up my new computer and am about to schedule my backups in Macrium Reflect. When I did it on my old pc it was quite straightforward to tell it to back up my C: drive but, when I look at the C: Drive in Macrium Reflect, the drive appears to be split into 7 segments/partitions.

Can someone please tell me if I should be backing up the whole of the drive or just some of it. Hopefully you will be able to see the image that I have grabbed from Macrium which may help with any answer.

Can someone also tell me why this drive appears to be so complicated.

I tend not to leave my backup disks plugged in all of the time, is it OK to plug them in (just before the backups are scheduled to run) while the pc is running, am I likely to do any damage?

Many thanks.C_ drive in Macrium.jpg
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