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Hi guys,

I know how easy it is to build a PC, but what about a Mac?

Just curious,
Anthony. :)
Anthony... Apple once allowed for this but then removed their 'blessing' on it being they were losing some $$.. hence why they are the only ones making the macs...

HOWEVER, word on the street is that pentium is teaming up with Apple to allow Apple to run on a standard PC. !!!!!!! This will allow PC makers to include APPLE OS as an OS option. I make PC's, but how I would love to swap my home computer with a MAC. :)
mac's are definately an acceptable replacement for a pc, again as with linux it is just a case of time waiting for hardware and software developers to start to cater for the mac os and hardware, i have a few pc's at home and one of them is running mac os x which is absolutely fantastic and i have had no problems with it,
Actually I found a how-to a while back on how you can build your own G4 with a PC case, which if you're bored is an interesting idea, but it is far from looking as good as G4 cases :)
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