mac ?? pleasse help


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kay so i got a free mac today its one of the older g3 all in ones

and were can i find a newer os bc this mac is running os 9

okay i found it so what os can i run on this mac i dont know alot about macs.
this is what i can tell you guys so far.

built in memory is 128mb
virtuak memory is 128mb
mac os rom is 4.6.1
and is says it has 98.1mbs free space
so what can i run on this thing


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You could theoretically run OS X.4 on it if you can find a cd installer for it. If not, anything below this will run. I have os x.2 on mine, and am using it as a jukebox. Works well, but audio quality is not the best. It still owns an iPod though lol.