Mac or PC?

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I enjoy reading and talking about tech stuff, and I've recently been reading about mac computers, just out of interest.

Just posting to say Hi, and that I might challenge anyone that speaks ill of Mac...not because I'm a fanboy, but because I really want to find a reason not to buy a Mac. They are too bloody expensive! If I don't find a reason not to buy one then I'm gonna be pooor for the next couple of years. (And no, being poor isn't a reason not to get one....:p).
"Mac vs PC" has been done for over 15 years....

With all of the information on this board.... you are seriously asking this question?

What do you want to do with your computer, dear child?
Welcome to the forums.

This is not a good forum to ask weather yo should get a Mac or a PC because most of the members prefer PC's over Macs.

I prefer Mac laptops over PC laptops, but I hate Mac desktops because I'd rather build my own desktop.

It's really a matter of preference, some people like OS X more then Windows, others like Windows more then OS X. If you want to get a Mac I suggest that you try OS X out and get familiar with it before you make the switch from PC to Mac.
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