Mac On A Dell


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did anyone else hear this? dell wants to run os x on one of their units... how cool would that be... steve jobs is still saying it's not true.... but he has a habbit of dennying everything untill the last minute.

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Nah, Mac said they have no interests in doing this yet...

they said that they would allow people to install windows along side Mac OS now that they are intel based, but itll be on Mac hardware only, they won't release a version of Mac OS that can go on a cheap "windows" box.


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I don't think it's gonna happen. Apple has already said that it won't allow OSX to run on any other hardware other than Apple's.


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Thats not exactly true, Dell said they would be interested in shipping it on their systems IF Apple was looking to licance it to third parties. Steve Jobs said they where not looking to.

This wont happen for a while yet.