Mabey a ram problem?


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The short story:

Some system32 file got corrupt and my computer freezes on boot up at the widows loading page. When i tried to use the recovery cd for XP Professional it gave me another error and said setup cant continue. And i cant get my computer to work.

The details:

The error i first got from my computer on boot up was:

Couldnt open drive multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partion(1)
NTLDR: Couldnt open drive multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partion(1)

I tried to use the recovery disk to repair XP Professional but before i could get it to load up it gave another error (for reference Error #2):

File\i386\ntkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded
The error code is 7

Then hours later i called tech support and the tech told me to put in the recovery cd for XP Professional. To my suprise and luck it worked! So i chose repair and it started copying file and eventually restarted my computer. But on restart as it was about to open the XP loading screen it flashed a blue screen of death but before i could read it disapeared and the computer restarted, continuing that loop over and over untill it just got hung up and stoped.

I tried to load the XP Professional cd again but it didnt load up to the setup screen instead before it could boot up it displayed a blue screen which showed this error:


So i quickly restarted and boot to the cd but i got Error #2 again as listed above. I tried another cd dive(which was a spare one i had from another computer). After i finally got the old drive out and put in the spare drive it took about 20 min, I started to boot the computer from the recovery cd again. I got a new error which stated:

File toside.sys is corrupt

I shutdown the computer and imeadiatly tried again but got error #2.

If you read this far im surprised. Anyways I did the same thing with my final cd drive i had in my working computer and the same thing happed as with the spare CD drive i mentioned above.

I did try the recovery CD in this computer that the third cd drive came from and it sucessefully booted (from the recovery CD)to the setup menu 3 times in a row.

So whats wrong with my computer?What do i do to fix it?
Find a friend with a Windows XP CD. 'File\i386\ntkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded' is a problem with your XP CD. Use your XP Key, presuming it is the same version as your Key is, so you need a friend with an XP Pro CD.

Reinstall Windows. If you don't want to loose anything, reinstall it on another Partition, then format the old partition once you're in Windows. There are a lot of errors there, and it sounds like the Operating System not the RAM. If it was the RAM, it would not load. It is however worth a try before reinstalling to try the RAM in different slots perhaps, or trying RAM from somebody you know whose works.


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if you have recovery discs these should set everything back to factory could format your hard drive then place the first recovery disc in the drive and shutdown and reboot make sure the discs are clean.use a little washing up liquid on them and make sure they are dry this way it will fetch any grease off the disc.The recovery disc should format the hard drive before the reload windows etc.Have a look on the pcs website you can usualy order aset of discs if you have damaged ones.but you will not be able to reorder the o/s disc.

Rather than repair windows do the full restore this way it will get rid of any problems you may have.just back up what you need.if you can't solve it any other way.