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OK, I was installing some updated device drivers just this afternoon, and when I rebooted, I was greeted by the infamous '\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG is missing or corrupt' message we all know and love - no biggie; rebooted with the WinXP Pro CD, and went into the friggin recovery console (yes, it's very idiotic concoction by M$, but it's the only friggin' way to get into fake 'DOS' when working with NTFS); had to get the correct console commands by making a phone call to my dad at work, finally got it fixed, but now, my dreaded NAV2002 doesn't function anymore, as well as my driver data lost, and forcing me to reinstall them.

Goddam you M$, and when I finally get around to more knowledge of Linux, out of my box you go. :mad: :mad:

*huff puff huff puff* had a little to vent there.
Yea, me 2! Just waiting for all my games to be linux compatible the moment they are released. Same reason im not a mac user. Takes about 6 mon for games and stuff to come out.
uh huh

And as soon as electric cars come out and hover vehicles I am trading in my gas powered vehicle for one of them... :)
Just as a side note you do not have to use the windows xp cd-rom to boot to recovery console if you double boot with the recovery console and windows xp. There is a command you type in the command line that allows you to add it (from the cd-rom) onto the drive, and it will give you a double boot option. It is on the m$ help site (sorry I was tweaking a friend computer over the holidays and left my god book with all the commands over at his house, so you will have to look it up). Also after doing this make sure you change you boot disk as this will add a new line to it as well (You do have a boot disk don't you? If not you can get information on that from M$ help too). Also in my god command book I keep all the recovery commands, and everything I think I will ever need.
Good for you! You don't need to be stuck in a primarily Windows world. Just keep a small partition of Windows for the games, and you'll be just fine.
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