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Where does lulz come from? Is a person born with a set amount of lulz, or is lulz generated artificially or by natural processes in life?

I hereby state that lulz can neither be created nor destroyed, much like energy and matter, but merely translated to one another and converted in form alone. Lulz is stored in the form of potential lulz and moved via kinetic lulz, sent by several media including stupid youtube videos, cheesy internet motivational posters, and Paris Hilton. When lulz is released it is released from the form of kinetic lulz, which once released becomes mechanical lulz... audible frequencies and muscle convulsions. You can use up all your lulz by converting it to mechanical lulz, giving it to other people, or you can gain lulz by receiving potential lulz from others.

Thoughts? What is your position on the origin of lulz?


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Wow... *headshake*. This new generation of users on CF are devoid of any lulz at all.


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Hey, guy, when using the hyperlink thing, go in and hit CTRL+A then backspace, and then hit CTRL+V and paste your link. You have been adding an extra http: to your hyperlinks.