Lucky Dip - $100+ worth of prizes - EveryOnes a Winner


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CTT Is Proud To Announce its lucky Dip Competition

How it works

100 Names will be marked down next to a number of there choice, once we the closing date is reach a program will be used to randomly generate some numbers. Those will there name to that number win the prize (or number closest)

Refer a Friend and get a Second Number
(to claim your second number simply PM me your friends name being sure he enters your name on the signup form)

Numbers will be generated using

Competition Closes 14th Of November


  • 1x $40 Cash (Via Paypal)
  • 2x Free Domain ( rom enom for 1 year .com .net .org)
  • 2x Free Hosting For 1 Year
  • 2x $5 (Via Paypal)
  • 4x Banner Adverts (At the top for 2 months)
  • 5x Text Links on CTT (For 2 Months)
  • 5x Sticky Threads on CTT (For 2 Weeks)
  • 20x Custom User Titles on CTT
  • 20x More PM Space on CTT
How To Enter

To Enter you simply have to make 20 Fresh Posts and post your desired Number


  • Only 1 Number is Allowed Per User
  • No Duplicate Accounts
  • Spamming for referals is not accepted
  • Only those with 20 posts can enter (we will check from dates)