lower price (new crap)

I will sell my computer for $110.00 (plus shipping).

The computer does boot, but nothing appears on the screen. I would suggest buying all of it for parts, or fixing it.

This includes

Actiontec External 56 k modem (tested and works)
D815EEA Motherboard (tested and works)
52x32x52 CD-RW (tested and works)
Tower case ( Nice and clean... looks brand new)
PC 133 128 MB RAM (tested and works)
8 GB hdd (not tested)
Intel Pentium 3 chip (few prongs bend or missing)
Floppy Drive ( I don't think I have the cables right, but nothing should be wrong with it)
I don't have any pics of the case. It's white with black on the on side where the power button is. It has little gill like slits on the bottom. I won't be adding the hard drive. I tested that and it won't work. I will be adding an intel celeron 466 Mhz processor that does work. So the total price of the first post and the chip will be $125.00 plus shipping. The computer does boot now, but you will need a HDD to access windows.