low resources, how to fix?

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personal computer, also used for some business, Pentium rII, 128 Ram, 2gbhd, just installed nVidia geForce4 mx 440, AGP 64mb ddr ram. This install did not improve the resources. Dropping for ?? reason, but the kids game plays faster with better colors. What are causes for losing resources and how to correct? thanks for your help. Debbie:D
Close some apps in the system tray, or if the risks go, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to enter the task manager. You can end processes by going to the process tab; though just be sure to know what you're doing there. ;) Best not to end any system processes generated by the system or any system files (e.g. rundll32.dll). You can safely close applications from there, but the other convienient way is to buy more RAM. :p
Thanks GeForce for your quick response. Now I'm getting all these other problems when I try to do a scan disk and virus check/scan, defrag. i.e.KRNL386.exe and SHELL32.dll and SHELL.dll

I have Win 98 Pent r II,128mb Ram, how much more do you suggest? thanks Debbie:confused: :eek:
What occurs when you try running scandisk or defrag?

And it's best that you have 256mb minimum for running many applications at once, despite the fact of Win98 hogging resources.
When I run Scandisk, 1st time I got a fatal exception in VXD VWIN32 (05). Rebooted, tried Scandisk again, got KRNL386.exe.

tried to scan for virus, got error starting program, shell32.dll file can't start - tried to shut down got same error again.

Tried defrag, got illegal operation in Explorer shell.dll cause an exception in Explorer.exe:eek: :eek: :eek:

thanks for your help and advice. D
Did you raise your conv. memory ie. put your cdrom drivers etc. in upper memory.? Ck your conv. mem.
go to msdos prompt type mem/c see what your largest exec. program size is....if it is under 480k your games are possibly causing some of this,also if there is a virus program running during scandisk or defrag that can cause your F/Ex.
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