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I don't know how silly I will seem with this but here goes. I had my system running on WinXP and installed a version of tax software. Later my system crashed, and I upgraded to Vista Business. I have saved all of the programs and files from my old hd and am now running 2, 160GB, hds. I tried to open the tax software again to install it onto my new system, only to remember that there was a password on the zip file. I still have a file, a tax return, from when I was running XP. I wanted to know if anyone knew a way to retrieve the password from that file, if it is an intergral or logged item that is associated with all of its files. I figure this to be a long-shot but worth the attempt. Thanks for any help you may provide.

PS I do have a password cracker that I have gotten but not certain of its quality or lack of maliciousness if you follow my drift.

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it sucks when you forget your password. Thats why I dont password my things anymore
The only way I know is doing an brute force with some program (I forgot), and it will crack it somehow. But depending on what, and how difficult your password is determines the time it takes. Like "a" would take seconds, while "P4sSW0rD" would take months to years.
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