losing connection with server


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Hye there,

I have a little network of approximately 10 computers who almost all have windows xp professional. It's a domain with 3 servers (Windows NT, Windows 2000 server and windows 2003 server).

We have now since a month problems with the network. During short moments we lose the connection with the database in our contact manager software, we can't access the internet,...

How can i test where the problem could be in my network.
Are there some programs that can troubleshoot the problem?

kind regardings.



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I don't know much about this... but are there any settings that force a DHCP release/renew on the client machines? If this outage happens to all the machines for about 15 seconds or so I would assume that would be the problem... Maybe try assigning static IPs temporarily to see if the problem gets fixed? Other than that I don't know...