Loop Suggestions for an Antec 1200???

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I'm pretty new to this so bare with me.. I read the "Water Cooling Guide", thanks for putting that together Aspire, and I think I have a pretty good handle on the components and how things work together. What I'm looking for in this post would be some suggestions on what components to use and placement in my case.

I've got an Antec 1200, pics below, which has tons of space for this. Just not sure on where to mount everything. Like should I mount the radiator on the back of the case and utilize the tubing holes to get in and out of the case? Is it better to mount the rad outside rather than inside due to the cooler temps outside? Should I mount the rad to the inside top of the case, can I, would it not be a good idea with the huge exhaust fan there?

What about a res vs a T-line. I think I would have room for the res so should I go that route? Is a res more effecient other than just bleeding air from the lines?

I'm looking to spend about $300 or less obviously to put this together... To start I'm only interested in cooling the cpu but maybe eventually expand to a gpu cooling and maybe northbridge / soutbridge as well...

Here is a pic of my system now and specs are in my sig... Thanks for any advice...


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