looking top buy a cheap PC


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accually its very posible but he cant be expecting to get anything special for a video card.

go to newegg.com i dun no where u from bt they ship worldwide i beleive.

they have athlon 64 3000 939 pin for only 155 dollar. (oem) hell 3500s are only 260 and thats retail.

ram will cost about 80
80 gb hd bout 60
cdrw 25
mobo will cost ya bout 100
leaves about 125 for a video card and wat ever else u need (that is of course with the 3500 procesor) ud have 225 w/ 3000


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yeah $250 for mobo and GPu below, $150 for 3000 939-pin and $60 for Hd, $60 for keyboard and mouse wireless duo, $65 for cosoir 512 3200 ram,
$30 for cd-rw/dvd-rom, $41 for case w/ 420 watt psu,

total $656 (already have a monitor)