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I would like to change my current video card (STB nVidia 8mb Velocity ZX) for an ATI 64mb All-In-Wonder model, but am confused about adjusting the monitor video settings. According to the ATI instructions, they ask that I reset the monitor settings to 'Standard VGA' prior to the final shutdown and video card exchange. I have asked around the net and have gotten three different settings for 'Standard VGA' such as: resolution set to 800 x 600 with 256 colors; resolution set to 640 x 480 with 256 colors; and resolution set to 640 x 480 with 16 colors.
Could someone set me straight for 'Standard VGA'? Thank You!


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640 x 480 with 256 colors is standard VGA, i imagine you would simply uninstall your current graphics card, shut down pc, plug in new one, install drivers etc.

that should work fine.



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STANDARD VGA Driver is just that a a standard VGA driver. Nothing special.

It doesn't matter what resolution or number of colors, it has to with the driver.

In a nut shell and in plain english. Unload every driver from your computer. Shut down your computer and install your newvideo card. When you reboot Windows XP, 2000 and I think 98 will automatically install a new driver for you. Most likely it will be the generic STANDARD VGA driver. It is limited to 640 x 480 - 256 colors in 98 and 800 x 600 - 16K in XP (depending on your monitor and video card). Then install the graphic card drivers (either newones from the 'net or the ones supplied to you on disk or CD).