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As a Systems and Network consultant I have interviewed with IT recruiters
who exhibit little or no systems / technology experience;
It has been frustrating for me as I'm sure it has for some of you.

To that end, I am collecting advice from fellow IT workers like myself with
horror stories or good advice about IT recruiters in the current job market.
I hope to compile them into an article that might serve to shed some light
on the topic; and help us when we land that job interview.

Please send stories to: submit@bmthomas.com
If I choose to use your story to compile into my article I will contact you
via email.
I have a consulting business in which I charge $85/hr for Network Engineering.

I had a consultant from someplace out in Calif. call and ask if I could serve as the Network Admin/Engineer for several APT complex around where I live... (they had ADSL). I said yeah I can do that, not a problem... right? Wrong.. that ass was only willing to pay me $16/hr. so I had to decline.

This is just the most recent run in that I have had with recruiters, but most of the others are similar.
OK. Let me ask you 2 this: are certifications worth having? I have 3 (see sig) and it seems like I couldn't get a job without a degree in computers.

If so, it's back to psychology.
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