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Ive been doing side work for about a year now and was curious as to see if anyone had any tips as to the approach im doing. Most the time is virus that i deal with which i start with a system process ending program that i scored from tech services at work and pretty much throw malwarebytes on the infected computer, set it up with Microsoft Security Essentials and do a clean up with PC Decrapifier. But should there be more that i should be doing as far as clean up goes?
What programs would you guys recommend to using?
Is there a Live Linux CD that includes antivirus tools that i could just boot and go without having to even install anything?

And finally, What does it really mean to optimize a system and what steps would one take to do so?

sorry if this isnt the correct thread for these questions but i felt it was the best spot
Thanks for any help, im just trying to get tips to better my ability to do the services im charging for!
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