Looking for new application fields


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Dear community!

I am looking for an application field for a new foil. Imagine you had a foil that can do the following: The whole foil can conduct electricity and seperatly transfer information. You could for example integrate LEDs and control them individually, so you can use it for lighning or even make a display out of it. Another possibility would be to use it as an alarm system, due to many sensors that need electricity as well as information. In addition, there would be a possibility of power plugs, that could be placed anywhere on the foil. Furthermore, the foil could be adapted to individual needs, it is flexible and could be cut in any form and size. The individual elements could be applied as desired. You could also use it outside, due to the fact that it is very robust.

Do you have ideas or suggestions, where the foil could find use? Have you ever been in a situation where this foil would have helped you?
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