Looking for internal usb/sound ports.

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First off I guess I'd like to say hey, just found the board and hoping it's freindly... Not sure if this was the best place to bug people about case mods etc., but I thought I'd hang out for a while anyway...

okay my mobo supports this my case supports this. I'm looking for a Intel header type ( :::. ) USB1 to dual front case usb cable and a FP_AUD10 ( :::.: ) to front case speaker/mic cable.

I have everything onboard to do this with and a front panel usb/speaker port.

Everything is set up I just need the cables and any mounting hardware. I'm looking all over and all I can find are internal hubs and crap like that, I just need a regular intel header dual usb cable and a friggin audio patch here.

Anyone know where I can hook these up? Didn't expect this to be such a pain in the ass ya know?

I guess the major problem I'm having is my case has the front panel usb set up like this


the two usbs have a shared ground, so i need a stacked blank usb input to a intel 9 pin adapter, hell I'd take a 10 pin if i could find it and cross the ground over, I just can't find any usb's that are stacked like this except for the ones stuck to the back of my mobo, and I'd rather not rip it apart just to hook my controller up to the front

Sounds like you may need to create this cable/patch yourself. I cant think off the top of my head of a company that makes a cable like that.
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