Looking for DJs!!!

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Hello all,
I am starting a new Internet radio station called WebTech radio.

I already have the SHOUTcast streaming server up and running, and I have 1 person Djing but I need more DJs!

You can only play copyright free music from sites like Opsound or your own music you have made.
It's a not-for-profit station so we can't pay DJs.

You need the following:
+Winamp or suitable software that CAN connect and stream to shoutcast servers (Winamp and the Shoucast plugin do the job fine)
+A good quality microphone
+Some copyright free music
+A good radio voice.
The station has the latest news and tech news and it needs to be read from reliable sites like Google News

If you are intrested please PM me for details.
Not open for further replies.