Looking For Antec 1200 Parts


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Been a minute, hope all you guys are doing well!

I just upgraded my CPU (3700x), Mobo (570 Tuff Pro), and RAM (64GB Corsair) from an older i7 2600k build from 2009.

I'm trying to find some replacement parts for my Antec 1200 case.

I need a side door fan filter


And a bracket for the rear of the case to close in the PSU. Years ago I had used an Antec proprietary PSU that was made for the case and you had to remove that piece of the backside to get it to fit. I have since lost it.


I contacted Antec and they said my case has been discontinued and they don't have any spare parts. I did a quick search on eBay and didnt see much for it.

Any ideas of where to get parts for it?

Or ideas on items to make seals for the PSU (beyond tape) and a fan filter?