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I don't know about the reviews but the client offers several US locations: NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Seattle, North Carolina, Oregon, Florida, Maine, D.C.. I don't see why one couldn't use it and access Netflix.

You could buy a month and give it a shot beforehand.


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Is it just me who uses TORGuard ..

I didn't know this at the time when I signed up to them but apparently TORGuard means Torrent Guard .. I never knew that. I looked at a post carnage posted and it was in their recommended top five so I thought I'd give it a shot after being with PIA.

Something happened to them and their customers went crazy on their forums because no one could get in touch with them on their customer service but I know TORGuard.net has done a lot of investing over the past few years and their are really good on their customer service..

The reason I said in one of my posts, don't expect a connect button to completely hide you is because I have done a lot of research and asking on different forums about locking down my connection, browser and system.

They have a lot of in house tools and along with VPN offer proxy application based services for anonymity .

Personally speaking I like them. I trust them as well as I have no reason not too. Their speeds are okay but then again compared to some folk I'm only on a 76Mib Line.


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ip vanish has an issue with disconnecting and freezing leaving your traffic exposed
I wouldn't recommend it.

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I have tested a few vpn services like Buffered, iVPN, and Hidemyass but did not get the access to Netflix and the quality of service was also average in terms of speed and connectivity. I'm now using ExpressVPN and able to access Netflix easily but more importantly, I am getting much better speed and no issues related to connectivity. Very Smooth VPN service indeed along with providing good features. Though I was just reading here: https://www.allbestvpn.com/expressvpn-review/ Highlighted cons are somewhat relevant. I know Expressvpn is expensive and offer lesser login count on multiple devices. But such cons are bearable for me. I am more interested in getting good speed and accessing quality streaming sites without facing any connectivity issue.

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I don't have much experience with different VPNs because for as long as I can remember, I've been using VPN that is provided by my VPS Windows provider. Never had any problems, though


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I've been using ExpressVPN for a year now and to be honest i'm recommanding to everyone. A little pricy but the service is REALLY good overall !
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