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well, in a sense anyway.

I am going to install RedHat 8... again. And I am not gonna quit until I can atleast navigate and install things with no problems. I have tried before, but get discouraged because I am always trying to teach myself and have no one to turn to when something goes wrong.

If there is a "Linux Pro" out there that has time and patience for totally n00b questions... will you be my friend?

I am no where near a pro, but If you have questions feel free to post here. I know quite a bit and will answe whenever I can. I am checking every few min from 3pm-Midnight except for tue and sun, EST.

Hell ya, I've formatted my laptop entirerly to RedHat 8, damn I'm lovin' it! :D I only have one issue, and that's my new Kodak CX4200 Digital Camera, there's no drivers out yet (at least that I can find) but other than that...Linux does more for me than XP ever did, plus I feel a little more comfortable when I leave my computer on when I'm connected to my cable modem :)

I may also be able to answer questions you may have...once again No Pro here, but I know enough to delete Windows completely, so that's gotta count for something. :D hahahha.
I will kinda be ure friend because I kinda know linux. But now Redhat though, Mandrake, but still the basics are the same. Just IM me if u want to talk, AIM: dryicerx
Thanks for the replies everyone. As soon as I get it installed, the games will begin. lol.
OK... guys... let the stupid questions roll... lol.

I installed RH 8.0 tonight. Here is what I need to know how to do so far:

Basic Terminal Commands
How to install stuff that is not RPM
Basic knowlege things that you think I should know.

Thanks. I know I am ignorant of Linux so let's keep the wise-cracks to a minimum... lol. =)
Direct question:

I downloaded Yahoo! Messenger, it was an RPM (thank-goodness), I clicked it, it installed it.... now where the F&*K did it go? lol.

Heh... well... I got ymessenger to install and can use it by running ymessenger in the run box, and thankfully it added it to my desktop.

But I still don't know where the damn thing is...

I don't stay logged on as root, I hear that that is bad practice, so I have a user name, and I installed it under that.

OK. My home directory is "/home/Guy" and somehow I found the Yahoo folder in "/home/Guy/.ymessenger" and I am guessing that that is the linux version of a hidden folder?

Is there anyway to see these without stumbling onto them?
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