Looking for a few *TOP* WarCraft III Bnet Player... Must meet requirements!!!

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I'm a hardcore gamer and I'm seeking a hardcore gamer like myself :). The game that I'm really interested in is WarCraft III. First of all, I will give a little biography of myself.

I live in Ontario, Canada and I'm 16 years old. I play all sorts of computer games, but mostly FPS, Action, Strategy especially if they have a good multiplayer system. I'm not great at all games, but the ones I excel the most in are Counter-Strike and WarCraft III. I've led a decent CS clan before and I've made it into CAL-m before (in June 2002) so I've had experience with hardcore gaming before. Now, I will talk about some of the requirements...

I'm looking for a few (2-3) active, dedicated, hardcore online WarCraft III players to create an elite team on Battle.net. Why? I feel that WarCraft III has too little dedicated teams, and most people play with random partners. I want to play with a team that I know, a team that I can trust, and a team that wants to win, to bring gaming to a higher level. I don't want to turn this into a clan thing, because that will be a whole new story. I just want to create a small group of elite online gamers who want to win and bring competition to the highest. Who knows what this might lead us to; this can lead us to new games in the future, or possibly into a clan. I require people who are interested to be Level 20+ (Solo or AT) and to have a 80% overall average. Random games do not count because it's all about luck.

I am only Level 18 myself, but don't get me wrong. I haven't played the game in a long time, my XP is decaying even as I am speaking. Why haven't I played? To tell you the truth, I lost interest in the game, with all the new patches and changes, un-experienced teammates, and so on. But now I want to get back into the game, and I need the motivation from people who are interested in joining. So if you are interested please reply. Once I get 1-2+ people interested, we will have mad training and practice to refine and learn new skills. Only time is our enemy.
Hey, i dont play wc3 much anymore... but my friend does and he aint lvl 20 or anything his stats might suck but hes good, he has to leave in the middle of games alot and loses, contact him @ starcraft_warcraft@hotmail.com where in ontario are u from???
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