Looking at upgrading, 7700k, Coffee Lake or Amd 1700


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I am looking at making a full upgrade. I want to get back into gaming like BF1 and do general web browsing. I also tend to keep my computer for several years, my current system is about 7 years old. I may do a little overclocking but nothing extreme. I am just running a 24" 1080p monitor right now but may upgrade that to a 4k monitor down the road.

My budget is around 1500 usd but can go over just a bit if worth it. Of course cheaper the better too without losing performance or quality. Don't include windows, monitor, keyboard, mouse or optical drive in that price.

Here are my current specs:
CPU: Intel i7 920
COOLER: Noctua NH-D14
MOBO: Gigabyte x58-ud3r
CASE: Antec 1200
PSU: Corsair 850hx
RAM Corsair 6gb DDR3(3x2gb)
SSD: 180gb Intel

Now I am having a hard time deciding which route to take, Intel or AMD. I know the AMD ryzen series may be the better option since it has more cores which may be better for the long run. But I am mostly gaming and currently people say the 7700k does better. I know years down the road, games will start to utilize more cores better and the ryzen might be the better option.

I know this is a crazy thought but since I have a 4 core cpu now, seems odd to upgrade to another 4 core cpu, 7700k. Now I know the 7700k will be a big improvement over the i7 920 but still seems odd.

Also thought about waiting for Coffee Lake since it may be released soon. I would kind of like to get something done soon but is not a necessity.

I have put together a intel build. Feel free to give me any suggestions. Ty in advance



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I've got the 1700 and i love it. The stock cooler is even good (enough). I rarely max it out on all cores, even playing games. So i'm not going to say you NEED 8 cores, unless you plan to stream your gameplay live.

I think if i were building one now, I'd wait and get the coffee lake 8700k, since the 7700k edges out even the ryzen 1800x in gameplay. Though, since you're going with the 1070, you might be able to get away with an i5, and then upgrade it whenever intel does its next die shrink to (?)10nm.

Luckily either way you go (edit: as long as it's not the 7700k), the processor is the first generation on their respective sockets so there will likely be room for upgrades in the future, though probably more generations worth of upgrades with the AM4 socket, seeing how intel likes to add or subtract 5 or 6 pins from its socket every other year...


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That build looks good, I would change that 850 Pro for an 850 EVO, since it's a lot cheaper and there is not a lot of difference, and maybe get a better GPU, if you are serious about getting a 4K monitor. And if you are only gaming, and not playing CPU intensive games (Like Ashes of the Singularity), then an I5 would be perfect. Also that cooler seems a bit overkill, if you are not doing a lot of overclocking, unless you live in India or somewhere else that's hot.
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