Long Term Overclocking effects?

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I would like to get someone's opinion on this. I've read through the forums, but I thought I'd post anyway...

I have a 1.5 GHz P4 and I've overclocked it to 1.71 by only using the FSB. I went from 100 to 114. The CPU temp stays at 27 C idle, and about 35 C under load. I know this cool enough, I'm wondering though if this is going to have any short term effects, because I plan on upgrading later. 200MHZ is pretty good, I just dont want it to burn out. Thanks in advance.



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It shouldn't. As long as you're keeping it cool and it's been prime95 stable for multiple hours and you're sure the system can handle it, it should be perfectly fine. Yeah it'll decrease lifetime, but we're talking a normal CPU has 50,000 hours a life where an OC'd one may have like...40,000. I don't know if your temps are that hot for an Intel or what, but generally those are pretty good temps. lol my CPU is sittin at 27C right now, but only because it's running 800MHz when its a 1.8GHz chip :p


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yes so in theory if you have adequate cooling then your overclocked pc shoudl have the same amount of lifespan as compared to one that hasnt been oc'd
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