Long Island Paranormal Society


Fully Optimized
Lots and lots of spelling and grammar errors. Tone down the whole "ghost" thing. People are more apt to take "paranormal" more seriously.


Fully Optimized
Not so much a problem with the site, but a bit of a pet peeve of mine is seeing very impressive looking titles ("EVP expert" and suchlike) with no evidence to back it up. Where does this expert status come from? Watching a few documentaries, or 20 years active experience in the field? If so, put it there to back it up, if not then drop the title. You may think it looks enticing and attracts people, but most will just guess that none of you are that experienced (if nothing else from the poor grammar) and therefore turn away from the whole thing.

Being honest and dropping the impressive looking titles can actually take you a lot further. This sort of activity really isn't my thing anyway - but generally speaking, I'll be far more attracted to looking at something and perhaps signing up if I think people are being honest in their assessments of themselves.

I agree the neon also looks a bit hard on the eyes and doesn't give a very professional look. Again, you might think it fits in with the whole atmosphere of the site, but regardless of the application most professional looking sites dropped inaccessible colours back in the 90s.

A word on grammar and spelling - it IS important. If I see a site on anything that I'm casually browsing (computing, gardening, cars, whatever) and it's riddled with spelling mistakes on the front page I won't look any further. If the authors can't even get basic spelling right, what hope do they have with the content? It seems to be a common attitude amongst youngsters that spelling and grammar really don't matter any more as long as people can guess what you mean - nothing could be further from the truth.


Wizard of Wires
http://www.iespell.com/ Runs as an active x in your browser. It will when invoked, check any editor you have open at the time. I use it a lot at my forum to check my posts before hitting the submit button. When setting up the forum parts I use it to check my text parts. It pays like berry said to have correct grammar on your website. With so many spell checkers out there it's just a lack of pride to let mistakes slip through.