Lol @ Hsn


Fully Optimized flippin through my tv, and i see a computer for sale on HSN

its a 14 inch gateway, 80g HDD, 1gb of RAM, and most likley an integrated video card.

on one of the laptops, the demo a game playing to demonstrate the power of the laptop.

its F1 championship!

its ps3 game running on a computer that couldant handle HL2


i love advertising

there playing off all the normal things like there components from the future

"a massive 80gb HDD, and 1 gb of ram to help with your multitasking"



have you guys seen that video about the dell?

bascailly their selling a pc on the tv, a guy rings up and tells them their really good computers, the guy on the tv replies with 'what do you use dell for' the guy on the phone (customer) says 'Umm I use it mostly for Porn' lol