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Have the problem that Windows fails to remember dialup password because it has not logged on in the proper manner.

Two PCs, one was intentionally "tweaked" to bypass the damned logon box, the second has aquired the same fault accidentally.

Both can be restored by "logging off" , but onl untill reboot.

Please :-

1, How to change the default logon ?

2, Is it not possible to get both the PC to boot all the way unattended and to remember passwords ?
do a search and delete all *.pwl files. Then re-build the TCP/ip stack, when you reboot next it should ask you to log on, enter a username but not a password and you will be logged on, but never have to do it again.
Sadly it did not work, I can not tell as whom I am logged on but only when I "logoff" will it remember my dialup password.

Damn System !!!
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