Logitech MX1000 mouse


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I just bought this mouse, and everything is plugged in and installed. It is in the cradle charging, and the bottom red LED has been blinking, is it charging or is there something else I should do ?

Half Evil

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Read the manual. Although, with most electronic devices that means its charging, or its not fully connected to the cradel. Make sure its snug in the cradel, and it if is, there is no problem.
Yea im with Arrizx when you not using youre comp or mouse, plug the mouse into the cradle thing to let it charge :) and when the charge is nearing completion the led should turn green


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Arite, the thing that was getting to me was the manual said give it 15 minutes or so, and its been 30. Ill just wait. Thanks a lot.
ok is it my understanding that this mouse is "wireless" but it has batteries in it and this dock thingy re charges the batteries?