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How would i go about locking win xp pro like in windows 2000 server. so when i press alt+ctrl+del it pops up that window and then i would click lock computer and it would lock the computer. I know that there is a way cuz i have seen a screen shot of this done. thanks for your help.
Easiest way is to press the Windows key + L.

Or do this, if you want the pop-up option box: (note that this will affect logon at Windows startup as well)

1) Go into the Control Panel > User Accounts
2) Select 'Change the way users log on/off'
3) Uncheck 'Use the Welcome screen'
4) Click 'apply options'

try the same thing with XP,,

just hit control + alt + del,,

and you should see the familiar box that gives options for locking computer, task manager etc,,,,

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