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Hey...Idk what happened I was using Partition Magic 8.0 to merge my two partitions on my single HDD....and it was going to take like 6 hours cuz it was on USB (not USB2)...I come back to find it giving me some error...and now my drive is apparently LOCKED?!?!?! It doesnt show up in MY COMPUTER...only in PM8.0......what gives? anyone know anything about locked drives? Maybe how to fix it?!

~Help is obviously appreciated
ok let me rephrase...I think I researched a bit on it online.....

CAN SOMEONE HELP ME UNLOCK IT?! 'tis a western digital 2500 250gb hard drive

wait a second....wiht the PM8 file browser...I can still see the files...?
no, you simply can view the partition that pm8 messed up and that should be all, at least to my knowledge. next time, dont play aroudn with stuff , especially hard drive structures, when there is important data on there. ive done the same thing a while back, and lost ALL my pictures of me and my ex fiance and a bunch of important docs (resumes, business proposals, etc.)

sorry , but format the SOB
the windows ntfs file system has a feature that lets you lock the partition with a password i believe. never done it and don't know how to lock or unlock it. do a little research on the ntfs file system and see if this is what it is, also email pm and ask if you can unlock it through pm.

Golden Rule of Messing with hard drives


*My dad's company's computers went down, and he was copying the partitions of the backup to the computers. while this was happening the power went out, and batery backup failed.

just 2 weeks prior to this they started backing up the backup.
few hours later all data was recovered from the backup of teh backup

talk about lucky. lesson learned.
then can't I just recover all the data...from a data recovery program? I still think that if you can VIEW the entire structure...it's still there...honestly...its not pulling 250gb of crap out of its butt (pm 8.0) ...lol it has all the copy paste stuff taht I could transfer it that way...idk
Slave it to another drive, and look at it. If you can see the files, they're there.

This wasn't on a laptop, was it?

If things went south while moving partitions, yer toast. That's the risk you live with.

Of course, the lesson here kids is to backup your data before doing drastic things to your hard-drive!!!
Holy...****? <---lol thats holy asteriks (reminds me of batman and robin...holy asteriks batman!) watever..lol ummm...ok...so...last nite...my partition didnt work...I turn my computer on...and today it works? I dont get it...THANK YOU GOD! Thanks for your help guys!
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